Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

The kids and I spent the weekend in Sheridan.  Gavin was there Friday night and the kids had a big time playing with him.

It is so nice to go “home.”  E doesn’t like it when I call it home because Hickory Ridge is our home, but it will always be home too.  My parents are so good to me.  My Dad thoroughly cleaned my car and my Mom took out all of my car seats and washed them and put them back in.  I get to sleep in, sit down, and rest and it is AWESOME!  Thanks so much Mom and Dad!

Aug 11 009

Aug 11 012

Aug 11 014

Aug 11 011 Aug 11 016

Sam has been obsessed with astronauts and space since we took the kids to the shuttle launch.  He saw an astronaut costume in a magazine and decided that’s what he wanted to be for Halloween.  BB ordered his costume and was so excited to let him open it.Aug 11 038

Aug 11 040

Aug 11 041

Aug 11 045

We were going to save the helmet for closer to Halloween because we didn’t want it to get broken, but he kept saying, “Where’s the helmet, we need a helmet.”  So BB gave it to him.

Aug 11 047

Isn’t he just the cutest little space man!!!

He wore it the entire weekend.  We “accidentally” left it in Sheridan…maybe it will make it to Halloween!

Aug 11 048

Aug 11 050

Audra and I took Sawyer for his first hair-cut…pics to come.

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