Monday, June 29, 2009

Off to the beach:)

It has been a very busy week. I had to go to West Memphis Wednesday-Friday for a class. Saturday morning I helped with a baby shower and Saturday night we went to Memphis for Bill and Lindsay's wedding. Today I am taking Sam to the doctor for his check-up and then tomorrow we are off to Florida. A special thanks to Katie, Laura, Blake, and Jac Jac for helping me through this busy week! I will return with lots of pics. I hope everyone has a happy 4th of July!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to Sheridan

Sam's First Golf Outing!!!
E has been working around the clock to get the beans planted so Sam and I decided to head back to Sheridan since he wouldn't miss us:)
My dad LOVES golf!!!! I grew up at the Sheridan Country Club and have so many wonderful memories of times there. I could make the best George Washington hair and Audra could always beat me on the most flips under water. Daddy played in a tournament Saturday, but after it was over he called and Sam and I went out for a little time with Papa. I think we have a new little golfer on our hands:)

Reading the paper with Papa

Spending time with Gavin

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just For You Linz!

Lindsay always checks my blog so I thought I would give her a little shout out:)
I "borrowed" these pics from Jessica and Sarah's Facebook accounts.
They are from Wes and Carrie's engagement party and Jim and Bekah's wedding.
Good Times!

Paragould Water Park

Monday Stephanie and I took the kids to Paragould to the water park. Her cousin Lauren met us there to help us keep an eye on them. They were so good and had the best time. Sam wasn't afraid of anything. He played hard the entire time we were there. I didn't get many pics because it is so hard not to get your camera wet!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jac Jac's Pool

This picture cracks me up!

Happy Birthday Asa!

Saturday evening Sam and I went to Asa's birthday party at the pool. I was leaving from there to go to an engagement party so I didn't take my suit. I figured Sam would just run around or play in the baby pool. No, he wanted in the big pool and I hadn't brought his ring or anything. Lionel was nice enough to let him get in with him for a while. He had a big time:)

Saturday afternoon we went over to Stephanie's to meet up with them and walk down to Farm Fest. Stella is such a good big sister, she is so good with Sam. They played for a little while before we left.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Air Show...HR style!

You city folks don't have anything on! This is us on our deck watching the crop dusters. Sam loves it and they get so close. He can hear them in the house and runs to the glass doors to see them.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend in Sheridan

Sam and Caroline
It was so good to see Jessica and Morgan!

Mom has been trying to catch the raccoon that is getting into her flower beds. We woke up Sunday and this is what we found. Every time I gripe to E about any type of rodent in HR he always laughs and says, "I know they don't have that in Sheridan." Well, looks like he has proof now they do:(

Saturday we woke up and headed to Cabot for a baby shower for my friend Robin. When we got back to Sheridan Sam's cousin Gavin had come to play and we headed to the pool.

You can see Gavin swinging in the background.

Audra, Sam, and I went to the shower. It was in Austin, Arkansas and we got stopped by the Austin parade because Austin Days were happening. And let me just say it was the saddest parade I have ever seen. Then we got lost! So we arrive about 45 minutes late. Then Audra starts having some severe abdominal pain (which has been going on for a while, but I didn't know how severe it was) so I took her to the hospital. Turns out she has some serious gallbladder issues and is having it taken out tomorrow.