Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bachelor, Hanger, and a VACA

Every year I say that I am NOT going to watch The Bachelor and every year I get sucked in…ugh! Well this season I have a little background…Mix and Match Family is a blog that “My Favorite Cousin Blake” introduced me to this past summer.  She is Sean’s sister!!!  They have the cutest little family and she is BFF with Sheaffer at Pinterest Told Me To.  So if you are watching this season…check her out!

Speaking of Sheaffer she introduced me to this “gotta have it”…a hanger for all of your scarves…genius! 

We are home early today due to sleet so I am actually sitting down and playing on the computer!  I really need to start packing for…


E and I along with our BFF’s Bill and Linz are headed to the Dominican Republic on Saturday!!!!  I am soooo excited!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Disney Trip I Missed…Ugh!

So, let me remind you that Nonna wanted to take us to Disney after Christmas and E said NO! Well Nonna sent me some pics and I know that a lot of our family reads the blog so I thought I would share THEIR great vacation!

photo (12

photo (105) photo (12)

photo (9) photo (111)

photo (8)

photo (112) photo (115)

photo (116) photo (106)

photo (117)

Oh the memories THEY will have……

Christmas Decor

I just realized I never posted this…so here it is!

Christmas 2012 006

I have never had a tree in the living room, but have always wanted one!!!  I just love to sit and look at it!  So last year after Christmas when everything was on sale I bought a tree.  It is just a fun tree and I love it.  Now it is covered with ornaments the kids made.

Christmas 2012 001

Christmas 2012 003

The babies’ tree.

Christmas 2012 004 

This year Sam was not having his little blue tree, so we headed to Wal-Mart and bought him a “big boy” tree.  It is rustic and full of tractors and hunting ornaments and I actually love it!  It is so him!

eve 2011 003

And the big tree in the dining room.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


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Weekend of Birthdays

We have spent the past 24 hours celebrating birthdays.  We started off right after school Friday celebrating Jac Jac’s birthday! We love her so much and I was so glad we were able to spend time with her.

photo (10) photo (6)

It was here 50th and all of her friends at work really made it special for her!

sign photo (13)

When we left there we headed to our neighbor Sydney’s party.  It was so fun and the kids had a blast!!! The party was at their flying service and it was a perfect spot.

syd4  syd3 syd1

This morning we went to Garin’s party.  It was so cute and The Kinders performed…the kids loved it!

garin1 garin2



New Years Eve

I am having the hardest time keeping the blog caught up.  It is my way of scrapbooking things and allowing our friends and family to see pics of the kids, but I just don’t seem to find the time.  It actually doesn’t take me that long to do it, but once I get home and get the kids to bed, I am ready to go to bed!!! So once again I am trying to catch up.

E and I spent NYE with friends in Memphis.  They got a limo and we had a great dinner.  Great way to bring in the new year!

nye nye3



Sunday, January 6, 2013

This and That



santa3 santa4

Santa made a surprise visit to BB and Papa’s.

sam photo (102)

Sam got a Spiderman costume at Baxley Christmas and begged me to wear it to school the next day.  I told him NO, but that he could put it in his backpack to take to Mrs. Lacey’s that afternoon.  About 8:15 I received a text message from Jes that said: I just saw Spiderman!

So apparently he was Spiderman all day at school!

This is the conversation that took place that night:

E: Son what were you wearing at school today?

Sam: My shirt

E: Is that all?

Sam: Oh and my jeans

E: Is that all?

Sam: (with a smirk) Oh yeah my socks

E: Is that all?

Sam: Ok and my Spiderman costume


Making cookies for Santa.  One in an astronaut costume, one in a gymnastic leotard, and one in jammies.


Christmas 2012 163

Christmas 2012 162 Christmas 2012 164 Christmas 2012 165

Christmas 2012 168

Some fun in the leaves…before the snow!

Friday, January 4, 2013



snow5 snow4 snow2


The kids had so much fun playing in the snow, sledding behind the four-wheeler, and breaking in Sam’s new four-wheeler.