Sunday, January 6, 2013

This and That



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Santa made a surprise visit to BB and Papa’s.

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Sam got a Spiderman costume at Baxley Christmas and begged me to wear it to school the next day.  I told him NO, but that he could put it in his backpack to take to Mrs. Lacey’s that afternoon.  About 8:15 I received a text message from Jes that said: I just saw Spiderman!

So apparently he was Spiderman all day at school!

This is the conversation that took place that night:

E: Son what were you wearing at school today?

Sam: My shirt

E: Is that all?

Sam: Oh and my jeans

E: Is that all?

Sam: (with a smirk) Oh yeah my socks

E: Is that all?

Sam: Ok and my Spiderman costume


Making cookies for Santa.  One in an astronaut costume, one in a gymnastic leotard, and one in jammies.


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Some fun in the leaves…before the snow!

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