Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bachelor, Hanger, and a VACA

Every year I say that I am NOT going to watch The Bachelor and every year I get sucked in…ugh! Well this season I have a little background…Mix and Match Family is a blog that “My Favorite Cousin Blake” introduced me to this past summer.  She is Sean’s sister!!!  They have the cutest little family and she is BFF with Sheaffer at Pinterest Told Me To.  So if you are watching this season…check her out!

Speaking of Sheaffer she introduced me to this “gotta have it”…a hanger for all of your scarves…genius! 

We are home early today due to sleet so I am actually sitting down and playing on the computer!  I really need to start packing for…


E and I along with our BFF’s Bill and Linz are headed to the Dominican Republic on Saturday!!!!  I am soooo excited!

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