Sunday, September 30, 2012



The kids were so excited about Homecoming and blue and gold day at school.



I let Sam come over for the pep rally and he had a BIG time.  He was so excited to see Hammer!



fball3 fball4

So proud of Martha and Callie and all of the court! 

fball8 fball9


Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Boy!


Lacey took this pic of the boys, I love it!!!  Look how big they are!

Remember the other day when I posted the pics of Sam at the fair posing…yeah well I got the proofs of his school pics today and check this out…REALLY???


I just snapped this really quick with my phone.  She did get some good pics.  I can’t wait to share!

More From Sheridan

We had a great weekend in Sheridan.  We were able to take in the fair. I was able to catch up with my dear friend Ashleigh.  I saw Audra and her little baby bump and the beginning of her new home.  I visited with Morgan and Jessica and Baxley got to play with Madeley and Caroline. And my Nana came for dinner.  GREAT weekend!





The babies sporting their Seaside shirts.


And best of all….Baxley’s Princess Baxerella shirt came in!

So cute!!!  She was so excited to open it!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grant County Fair

This past weekend we went to Sheridan and visited the Grant County Fair.


Bax thought she would keep an eye on the cow!


I love this sweet Gavin!







Even Mom got in on the fun!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Part 2

Remember that personality I mentioned…




Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sharing my Obsessions!

The other day I mentioned being obsessed with Southern Loop.  If you like personalized things and you haven’t liked them on fb you are really missing out!

Southern Loop

I decided to share a few of my other obsessions…

The first thing I am obsessed with right now is Groop Dealz!  You sign up for emails and everyday they send you “dealz”.  They have some super buys.  I put a couple I saw on there the other day below…

How cute are these backpacks???? Personalization included and only $13.99!!!

Statement necklace- $13.99!

Up next, another daily email deal.   Example below:

Hilarious blog…You may remember the blog post I talked about with the chicken a while back…

Well this is my new favorite post of hers…

She was also featured Thursday during the first week of “Katie”, Katie Couric’s new show. 


Anyone have an obsession I need to know about?????

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weenie Roast

Well today the babies went back to school FINALLY and what happens last night????? Sam starts throwing up…AWESOME!

So, he and I are spending the day together.  He feels fine now and is bouncing off the walls!  I meant to post these pics a while back…a couple of Saturdays ago it was so nice outside and E decided to build a fire.



Yeah that would be my naked kid….


The fire was too hot to handle…


E’ solution…


E told me this was the closest thing I was going to get to tailgating…that boy!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sum 12 005
Today the babies had an appointment with the ENT.  He decided to take out Sawyer’s tonsils and adenoids and to put tubes back in.  Baxley will have tubes put back in and her adenoids taken out.  FUN!! We are going to do it the week of Thanksgiving, so we have that to look forward to:)
I had my tonsils out during college and it almost killed me! Not really, but it was HORRIBLE!!! They say it is harder the older you get.  Dr. Smith took Sam’s out a couple of weeks after his 3rd birthday and it has made a big difference.  I hope it will be better for him in the long run.
sum 12 001 sum 12 003
Sunday, Sam had a great time celebrating Jackson and Addison’s birthday at Pump It Up.
Look at these weird poses…what is that???  This kid has more personality than I can handle!!!

Jessica kept Sam for me today and Stephanie kept him yesterday.  They both texted me about his antics!  On the way home today he told me he no longer liked his name and now wanted to be called, “Jeff Wiggens”! WHAT!?!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Kendall and the T-Birds


While Sawyer has been sick, Nonna game me a break and took Sam and Bax to the T-Bird game to watch Kendall cheer.


Nonna sent me this pic…cracks me up!  He thinks he is so big!


Lou Lou sent me this one.  She said Sam kept calling the T-Bird and Eagle…didn’t set well with her:)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Passing of the Dresses

I have been waiting for MONTHS to announce that my BFF Audra is preggers!!!!  I am SO EXCITED!  I will never forget meeting her at the track in Sheridan to go for a run.  She got out of her car and was holding her phone, she said, let me show you something…I stopped…and said…you’re pregnant!  I just knew!!!! She and Scott were calling it “spud” and I quickly told her they should call it’ “spudette” because it was a girl.  I never knew what I was having, but AUDRA KAY GILLIS HINES, I knew she was having a girl!

akg 003

When I was pregnant with the twins, Audra’s mom (who I respected SO MUCH) gave me a few dresses that her dear college friend had made for Audra when she was a baby.  I couldn’t BELEIVE that she would share such precious treasures with me.  It meant more to me than she ever knew.  And I am so excited to now return them to Audra for her little “spudette”.

I am going to hang on to this one for a bit.  We are from Sheridan, home of the Yellow Jackets. And now I teach at Wynne, home of the Yellow Jackets.  Special dress!

sum 12 008 sum 12 007