Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yard Sale

I have been working my little tail off to get ready for a yard sale…they are so much work!!!  I am having it at Jac Jac’s house Saturday morning.  I will have a lot of baby (what I didn’t sell in the last sale) and toddler clothing.  I have toys, high chairs, strollers, and more.  If you know of anyone who needs any of these items please spread the word! Thanks

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back at It

Time to catch up… since the last time I blogged all 3 kids had a touch of the stomach virus, which is awesome!

We had a wonderful Spring Break! It was too wet to plant the first weekend so E and I took the kids to the lake house. It was so nice to have some family time!!!  Sunday night E came home to work and Nonna came up.  We came home Tuesday and got to see E planting.

rice 004-2

Tuesday night it rained…so we packed up Wednesday and headed back to the lake.


The kids love walking down to the water and throwing rocks.

horse swing

swinging on the deck

lake swing


My little handful!

sweet girl

ice cream

We took the kids to get ice cream and to the playground.


E grilled burgers and we enjoyed eating on the deck.

Saturday night we went to dinner with Bill and Linz at Omar’s Uptown and it was soooo good!  We then got to see the Hunger Games. Great date night!  Sunday we just played outside all day and E grilled lunch and dinner!





E even brought me flowers:) 4 leaf clovers!

We had a wonderful Spring Break. I am so glad that E was able to spend so much time with us!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wednesday Loves

I have my internet back! We got a new roof and our internet no longer worked…so…we called them to come move our dish and ended up upgrading equipment. I am finally back working!

This was my post for last week so it is a little behind.

This week I am loving that Kendall Anna did so good in her pageant this past weekend.  She looked BEAUTIFUL and placed 1st runner up!  I am so proud of her!!!


I love that Sam has so much fun at Wee School!


I love that my Mom had a great birthday and they had a blast with Jimmy Buffett!


I love how much fun Sam is having playing with all of his new toys!

Sam's Party 4 009

I love that the kids had fun skating at Juliann’s party!


Sam had a great birthday!  We had breakfast at the donut shop and took donuts to his class at Wee School.  He then celebrated with brownies and ice cream at Ms. Melinda’s. We finished the night with pizza at Nonna’s.  He is now 4!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pump It Up Party

Sam's Party 4 014

Sam had such a fun (and easy) party at Pump it Up!  Thank you everyone who came and helped us celebrate!  Sam loved every second of it!

Sam's Party 4 016

Sam's Party 4 018

Sam's Party 4 020

Sam's Party 4 023

Sam's Party 4 025

Sam's Party 4 035

Sam's Party 4 037

Sam's Party 4 048

Sam's Party 4 050

Sam's Party 4 053

Sam's Party 4 056

Sam's Party 4 057

Pump It Up continued…

When I asked Sam what kind of party he wanted he immediately told me a space shuttle party.  So that is what he got!

sams invite Sam's Party 4 069

Sam's Party 4 077

He was so excited to see his cake!

Sam's Party 4 078_edited-1

Sam's Party 4 084

I loved watching him while everyone sang Happy Birthday!

Sam's Party 4 087

Sam's Party 4 088

Sam's Party 4 089

Sam's Party 4 094

Sam's Party 4 098

We are so blessed to have so many friends and family that could celebrate with us!

More Party Pics

Sam's Party 4 096

Sam's Party 4 097

Sam's Party 4 101

Sam's Party 4 104

Sam's Party 4 107

Sam's Party 4 111

Sam's Party 4 121

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday BB!!!

2nd Bday 034

Today is my mom’s birthday!  I heard on the radio a while back that Jimmy Buffett (her favorite) was coming to LR…and of all days…on her birthday!!! So she and Dad are celebrating tonight with Jimmy!  They are coming up tomorrow and I can’t wait to see them.

Happy Birthday BB!!!  We love you!!!