Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Papa!

2nd Bday 085

Okay last birthday…until Sam’s that is!!!

2nd Bday 087

2nd Bday 090

We got Papa a wind Jacket.  He is now retired and plans to golf every day so I thought it could come in handy.  For Christmas we got him a cover thingy (ha) to put over his cart to keep him warm while he plays and a friend got him a heater so he is set!

He had a wonderful retirement party and I hope to post pics soon.  Yesterday was his first day off and the weather was perfect!  He played 44 holes of golf…loving it already! 

We love you Papa!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Part 2

2nd Bday 111 2nd Bday 112

The babies are so different.  Sawyer dives right into every meal and makes the biggest mess!  Bax is so delicate and careful!

2nd Bday 114

2nd Bday 115

This picture was taken after everything was cleaned up, Bax is still sitting there eating her bowl of ice cream.  She is such a slow eater, she gets that from her BB.

2nd Bday 116

2nd Bday 119

2nd Bday 121

2nd Bday 124

Celebration in Sheridan

All moms take note…just have the grandparents throw the party:)

My mom put together a party for the babies while we were in Sheridan and Nonna put together a party for them in HR! SO EASY!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed both:) I know I am spoiled!!!

2nd Bday 051

2nd Bday 053

2nd Bday 055

2nd Bday 057

2nd Bday 060

2nd Bday 062

2nd Bday 064

2nd Bday 068

I love Sawyer and Gavin’s faces in this one.

2nd Bday 074_edited-1

2nd Bday 077

2nd Bday 078

Mom had Sam a couple of things and his Daddy sent a few puzzles as well so he wouldn’t feel left out!

Happy Birthday Gavin

Gavin (my nephew) turned 3 a week ago, but we were in the Bahamas so we celebrated last weekend while we were in Sheridan. 

2nd Bday 038

2nd Bday 043

2nd Bday 045

2nd Bday 048

Robert is such a good daddy, I am so proud of him!!!

The kids got a new riding toy to share at BB and Papa’s.

2nd Bday 093

2nd Bday 094

2nd Bday 101

Of course we had to race!

2nd Bday 104

2nd Bday 106

Gavin LOVES Baxley and is so good with her!!!

Happy Birthday Gavarino!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fun and Busy Weekend

We had a great weekend.  We celebrated my dad’s retirement Friday, birthdays in Sheridan Saturday, and birthdays in HR today!  We are so blessed to have so many things to celebrate!  This post I am going to post pics from the babies birthday party at Ms. Melinda’s.


mparty1 mparty2

mparty6 mparty4

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Packing Again

I really should be packing for Sheridan, but I am on the computer.  We are heading out tomorrow after school for Sheridan.  My dad is retiring and they are having a send off for him and we want to be there.  I have a few other things I need to take care of in Little Rock so it is working out perfectly. 

Last Saturday was my nephew Gavin’s birthday, my dad’s is the 31st, and the babies turn two Sunday, so Saturday we are going to celebrate all four!  We will then celebrate back home Sunday at Nonna’s house.

The babies birthday kind of crept up on me a little.  We had Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and then going back to school, and then trip to paradise, and a little bit of Mother’s denial, and bam they are two!!!!!!   We are just having small family celebrations since this is the last year I can probably get away with it.  Next year I promise to have them a party!

Tomorrow they will celebrate with their friends at Ms. Melinda’s.  I am sending these precious cookies and ice cream cups.

January 011

I can’t wait to celebrate with them all weekend long!

I forgot to post these pics of the signs the kids made for us while we were gone.

January 008

Please ignore the fact that our decorative pillows are not on the bed and enjoy this beautiful art work:)

January 009 

This one was taped to my bathroom mirror, I think they had a little help from BB.

Lindz came through tonight with the vacation pics, so hopefully I can post them next week.

Back to packing…

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back from our Beautiful Vacation!

We are home!!!  We had THE BEST time!  I can not say enough about how wonderful it was.  We knew for a long time that we were going to take a trip with Bill and Linz, but I will honestly say the Bahamas was not my first choice.  Bill wanted to go there and it made sense because it wasn’t that long of a flight.  I had gone on a cruise to the Bahamas and wasn’t that impressed.  I called an old friend who travels a lot and asked him about a couple of other places.  He gave me lots of pros and cons to different locations and then I asked what he suggested.  He then suggested the Bahamas…I was shocked. 

We knew we wanted to go to a Sandals Resort.  E and I got married at the Negril, Jamaica Sandals and Bill and Linz went to the Sandals in Antigua for their honeymoon.  They are all inclusive and you can’t hardly go wrong.  We all agreed we liked the Bahamas as much as the others, if not more! 

We used Lindsay’s camera to take pictures so…no pressure Linz…but…can’t wait to get them:)

Here are just a couple I took with my iPhone.


This is what my friend Tammie the Librarian had on the dry erase board outside of the library at school last Friday.


Trying to pack!


At the airport bright and early!!!




Sad to be leaving paradise!

I was really afraid that I would be miserable about day 4 or 5 missing my kiddos.  Don’t get me wrong I did miss them, but it was such a much needed getaway!!!  I didn’t realize how exhausted I really was and it was so nice to just relax!  The first night we were there I slept 12 hours!  Saturday morning we headed back and I was so excited to get home to see them.

I can’t thank our parents enough for keeping them for us.  We are so blessed and we appreciate them so much!!!  We knew they were in great hands and we didn’t have a thing to worry about.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Preparing to Leave

We are preparing to leave tomorrow and I have mixed emotions.  I am super excited about going to the beach (you know this girl loves a beach), but I am sad to leave the kids.  I KNOW they are in great hands and I am not worried at all about them…I am worried about ME!  I am going to miss them!  I told E I am just looking forward to resting…and I am…I really need it, but I know about day 4 I will be ready to see them again.

When I was young we went to Florida every year.  I would always ask my Mom if she was excited and she would always tell me she’d be excited when we left.  I never truly understood that until now.  As a mother, there are so many responsibilities and you are too busy taking care of all of them to even get excited.  So, the excitement is setting in and Mom I get it!

I also haven't forgotten how I traumatized Sawyer when AKG and I had our little beach getaway.  I pray that this time will be different, but I’m not counting on it!  That boy loves his Mommy!  I know I will come back rested and rejuvenated and ready to be an even better Mommy.

Yesterday afternoon E called and asked me to go to Jonesboro with him to pick up a few things he needed for the trip.  Okay, this never happens!!!  So, I agreed and we made a quick trip.  This was E’s first time in Turtle Creek Mall.  We have been together for 12 years and I have only known E to go to the mall once in all of those years.

So, I think we are ready.  We are packed and my parents are on their way.  Our plane leaves at 7am so we will be leaving the Ridge by 4am.  I am so grateful that our parents are so willing to help us.  Thanks so much!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bible Study Christmas Party

bs xmas 004

I forgot to post these lovely pictures!  I have been attending a Bible study since last summer and it has been so GOOD for me!  It is mostly girls from our church and I love them dearly!

bs xmas 002

bs xmas 006

bs xmas 001

bs xmas 005

I feel so blessed to be a part of this group!