Monday, January 30, 2012

Celebration in Sheridan

All moms take note…just have the grandparents throw the party:)

My mom put together a party for the babies while we were in Sheridan and Nonna put together a party for them in HR! SO EASY!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed both:) I know I am spoiled!!!

2nd Bday 051

2nd Bday 053

2nd Bday 055

2nd Bday 057

2nd Bday 060

2nd Bday 062

2nd Bday 064

2nd Bday 068

I love Sawyer and Gavin’s faces in this one.

2nd Bday 074_edited-1

2nd Bday 077

2nd Bday 078

Mom had Sam a couple of things and his Daddy sent a few puzzles as well so he wouldn’t feel left out!

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