Monday, January 9, 2012

23 Months

23 Months 003

I can not believe the babies will be 2 this month!!! 


23 Months 002

23 Months 012

My snuggle bug!!! 

Sawyer loves his big brother Sam and wants to be just like him.  He is OBSESSED with technology and has the iPod in his hands way too much!  He loves his new boots and where’s them around the house every day.  He still loves looking out the window and watching the animals.  He is so playful and so fun!

He is a great eater, there aren’t many things that he won’t eat.  He loves fruit and pancakes.  He wears size 2T and a size 5 diaper.  He is also a great sleeper.  He goes down really good at nap time and at night time.  Baxley always wakes up before he does, but he almost always wakes up happy!

He is a big time mommy’s boy and really doesn’t like me leaving him anywhere.  He has cried every morning that I have left him at Ms. Melinda’s since we started back this month.  He wouldn’t quit crying in the nursery at church and I had to go get him.  I hope it gets better soon:)

23 Months 016

23 Months 013 23 Months 014

The princess of the house.

Baxley is loving Tangled and Lady and the Tramp!  She likes to play with her jewelry and her dishes.  She loves to have races with the boys and loves to count before she jumps to us. She loves to put on different shoes and always makes sure she has her hair bow.  She is so tiny and we just tote her everywhere.

She is not a very good eater, but does love fruit. She wears 12-18 months and a size 4 diaper. She goes to bed well, but for the past week has been waking up crying in the middle of the night and it takes forever to get her to go back down.  Poor little Sawyer J sleeps through her screaming right beside him.  She always wakes up first and it takes her a few minutes to find her good mood.

She does pretty well when I leave her and does great at Ms. Melinda’s.  She is still a Daddy’s girl and gets so excited when she sees him.  Even though Sawyer loves to say “No, No, Sissy,” he adores her!

23 Months 025

23 Months 029

23 Months 030

23 Months 001 23 Months 002

23 Months 003

23 Months 006

23 Months 019

23 Months 001

I LOVE that they are so close and love to be together!

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