Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Carving

This past weekend Sam and I went to my parents. E was in the field, they are almost done with rice! Saturday morning we went to my life long friend Morgans baby shower. She had some complications and they took her baby girl at 31 weeks. The baby is doing good and Morgan is so positive. She came by the shower for a little while before heading back to the hospital. My brother and his little boy Gavin were down and the boys had a big time playing while Pop yelled at the hogs all afternoon. After things calmed down we went out onto the deck to carve Sam's pumpkin. He had the best time and kept wanting to eat it...gross! Sunday when we got home Mrs. Donna came and picked him up and took him to ride the combine with E so I could rest. Sam loves going to the field, he constantly says, "daddy, tractor, rice, and pop." Just a few more weeks and hopefully they will be done with harvest...just in time for DUCK SEASON!!!

Joy- we didn't have a cool carving kit:(

Sam and Gavin

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Parker Pioneer Homestead

Saturday, Laura and I took the boys to the Parker Pioneer Homestead. They are so much like their daddy's, they just took off for the tractors. I love taking him to do fun things and I know our lives are about to change drastically. I don't want to miss a thing with him.

I just see Brandon and E all over this picture!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This week so far...

Yesterday, I went to the doctor for my check-up. Everything went well and the babies are doing good.

We also decided on the names! This has been such a hard decision. We knew we wanted to name the girl Baxley Elizabeth. E’s sister actually came up with it back when E and I were dating in college. Baxley is my maiden name and Elizabeth is my middle name.
It is also:
· My Mom’s name
· My Nana’s middle name
· My Granny’s middle name
· Our niece’s name
· Our cousin’s name
· And I could go on…

The boy on the other hand has not been so easy! We have always used family names and wanted to stick to that tradition, but not much luck there. We wanted another B name, but could not settle on one of those either. Blake suggested Sawyer and we both really liked it. So the boy is Sawyer Jamieson. Jamieson is E’s grandmother (Mottie’s) maiden name. So they are named and growing every day. I can’t believe they will be here in 3 months.

E has been stressed about all of this rain; we still have a lot of crops in the ground and need some sunshine soon! Sam’s babysitter has been sick this week so he and daddy are having some good shop time.

Today is E’s birthday. We bought him a new grill and I can’t wait for him to use it. We are having a birthday dinner for him tonight.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Sunday, Mrs. Donna and I took Sam to the Pumpkin Patch. Rusty and Jac Jac were on their way home from Heber and met us there. Sam had such a big time.

Just kidding

I just thought the hat replaced the boots...

Witch Hat

Well I think the hat may have replaced the boots.

Sam and Gavin wearing their witch hats at B.B.'s and Papa's last weekend.

This is a terrible picture (E won't ever tell me before he takes it). I am 21 weeks and getting bigger every day. I go to the doctor Monday and can't wait to check in with him. We have been working on baby names and are getting a little closer to a decision, will keep you posted.