Sunday, April 18, 2010


I took all three kids to church this morning. It went rather smoothly. Linz met me there to help me get them all in and then helped me load them back up. After church Keri and her little girl came over to play for a little bit. It was a great day!

Nothing Beats It

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Major Obsession

Sam has a major obsession with the John Deere Place. We pass it every day on our way to school and he begs to go. So one day I asked his Pop to take him. They have gone twice now and Sam cries every time you make him leave. He wants to sit on every piece of equipment. They know him by name there. Every time we get in the car he immediately starts begging to's about more than I can take:)
I decided this week was the week to get rid of the pacy. I told Sam if he was a good boy that I would take him to the JDP. So I begged Rusty to go with us and again he cried when we left. Tuesday I took Sam to Hays and we bought Diego and Spiderman balloons and came home and tied our pacy's to it and let the baby birds have them. He has done pretty good, he cries for it sometimes especially bed time, but we are on the down hill now.
We have had beautiful weather so the guys are working around the clock to get rice planted. Lucky dad he is missing the pacy withdrawals.
Rusty sent me these cute pics.

Friday after school Jac Jac, Rusty, Kendall, and Nonna were all over for a visit.

This is Sawyer showing everyone how he rolls over.

I love this pic! Sam adores Rusty, that's where he got his hat obsession. Oh no we have too many obsessions:)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sheridan Visitors- Saturday

Saturday we had some more visitors and then headed out to the country club to meet Papa.
Watch out golfers
I had to show Sam my skills!

Shelly and her kids came by

Audra came by after a run to see Sam. I had bought her this cute little platter about 3 years ago and held on to it until she got engaged. We went out to dinner for her birthday and had a great time with the girls.

Sam helping her open her birthday present.

Sam is such a big help at putting brothers pacy back in.

The best big brother!

How cute is this???
We had a great time at BB's and Papa's...we also had visits from Jan Jan and Mike, Mrs. Brenda, Mrs. Joy, Mrs. Zoe, Nana, and was great seeing everyone.

Sheridan Visitors-Friday

Last weekend we went to Sheridan for a visit. It was a super busy weekend! Friday when we got there we had some visitors and then later we took Sam up to the town square for an antique show. He loved the tractors...imagine that!

Sam and Papa

Morgan and Madeley came by for a visit. Madeley is 5months old, she isn't much bigger than my babies.
This is so special because I know our moms had pictures of us together when we were babies.

Ashleigh was in town from North Carolina, it was great getting to see her.

Uncle Robert and Sam playing outside and getting some golfing tips before our big day with Papa.

Friday, April 9, 2010


I haven't wanted to jinx anything, but my babies have been sleeping through the night for a WEEK now!!! They are 10 weeks old today and doing wonderful. We are headed to Sheridan for the weekend, (yes me and all 3 of my kids:)). I can't wait to get to see everyone!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


After 6 long years of dating my BFF Audra got engaged today on her 30th birthday!!!! I am so excited! Love you guys and wish you the best!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sam and the golf clubs Papa and BB sent him for Easter.

Trying on some Easter basket goodies.

We had a wonderful weekend. We celebrated Easter and Nonna's birthday. It was the first time we have really gotten the babies out. Mrs. Donna came over and helped me get us all ready. The babies did so good in church. Sawyer slept in Nonna's lap the entire time and Baxley stayed awake and ate up the attention.

Mrs. Donna, her sister, and Mottie smocked the babies these precious gowns to wear home from the hospital. They were too big and we left the hospital/hotel in such a hurry that they didn't get to wear them then. They made perfect Easter outfits. They mean so much to me and I love anything smocked.

Sam hunting his Easter eggs

Easter baskets from Nonna and Pop

Sam had just hit the cat, you can see its tail on the left of the picture. I screamed!

Nonna opening her birthday presents, notice Sam playing the piano again in the back. Sam made Nonna's birthday card. He would color something and I would ask him what he was drawing and he would tell me so I could label it. Some of them were an elephant, giraffe, Christmas tree, and Alvin.

Blake and Sawyer

Brock and Baxley

Our sweet sitter Sandra brought the kiddos these sweet Easter baskets with goodies inside.