Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Lake

I have added a lot today so be sure to scroll down.

Sam went with his Nonna, Pop, and cousins to the lake Friday. Eric and I went up there Saturday when we left Little Rock. They were having a big time.

Emmaline had been wearing this princess dress for two days. Would not take it off!

Dogpile on Uncle E

Last year for my birthday I asked for a new Christmas tree and decorations. Stacy came and did it for me. This year I was very intimidated to put it up myself. Eric surprised me and had her come do it again. Of course we have now had to move the ornaments off the bottom so Sam can't get them. Great job Stacy!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Friday was my birthday and we went to Little Rock to go out with all of our friends after the game. We had dinner and then went to the Rev Room to hear Molten Lava...or as Eric likes to call them "Liquid Rock". He likes to call things my the wrong name because he thinks he is funny. He decided that was a cool name and it might be the name of his next band. The first band being "Jack's Palace" his band from college...need I say more

Ashleigh came all the way from North Carolina to celebrate my birthday! Oh and she found some time to have Thanksgiving with her family.

I have celebrated my birthday with these 3 for so many years now. I love you guys, Top 5:)

Everyone needs a clown at their birthday...yeah right I hate clowns.
Boys and Seven jeans...not sure how I feel about that...
Think I could get my farmer boy in those????? Yeah doubt it


Thanksgiving was so nice this year. I have so much to be grateful for. We started out in Sheridan doing Thanksgiving Wednesday night. Then we went to Norris and MaryAnne's for lunch Thursday and then to Sam and Donna's Thursday night. My birthday was Friday so we celebrated that also.

Sam helped me open some birthday gifts. He loves opening presents. Christmas is going to be so much fun.

Sam and the girls
He really wanted to sit at the big table
Sam with Brock and Blake

So busy....

We have been so busy lately. I have been in Sheridan almost every weekend. My brother is expecting a baby in January and I have been to a couple of showers for them. They are having a little boy (Gavin) and we are so excited. Sam and I also went with Laura and Kohen to a baby shower in Cabot for our friend Brooke. She is also having a boy...seems like everyone is.

We had our first family pictures made this past week. We went to Christy Hollingshead in Cabot and they turned out sooooooo good. She is so talented. We placed our order and they should be here before Christmas, I can't wait. Christy had worked with Kelley (Eric's sister) years ago doing OT before she had gotten into photography. Kelley had used her for pictures right after the twins were born and they were so good. I have been wanting to go to her forever. Laura and Jana have both used her too. I am so excited!!!

Well I posted some random pics from one of the Sheridan visits.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Class of 98

A couple of weekends ago was my 10 year class reunion...WOW...I can't believe it. We had a big night at the game and the partied Saturday night. My good friend Holly sent me these pics. Sam was ready to go in his blue and gold since Wynne and Sheridan are both the yellowjackets. It was so good to see everyone and weird to see everyone with their kids. We should really get together more often.

Paul Glenn & Jordan

Saturday night we went to a reception for Paul Glenn and Jordan and had a great time. Congratulations guys!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Girls!

Saturday Emmaline and Elizabeth turned 4! I can't believe it. We went to Benton for a pary at Party Central. Sam had such a good time.

Sam and his cousins

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Sam's first Halloween was a success. He was the cutest little frog! We went around to all of the family and had a great time. He was such a trooper.