Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sam's First Car

Homeless husband no more:(

Well as you all know Eric has a lot of hair. I can't figure out why he hates haircuts so bad, but he does. I did convince him to get one when Sam was born almost 5 months ago. Anyway, a couple of years ago he shaved his head and I hated it! The past few weeks he has been begging me to let him shave it again. I know it's hot and I understand that mop on his head is hot, but is a short haircut not a good compromise? Well, I lost the battle and my homeless looking husband is no more. He shaved it a couple of nights ago, but left all the nasty facial hair. I will try to get a pic posted for your enjoyment.

More From the Party...

Aunt Pie or as the girls get confused and call her, Aunt Puddin, came in from Arizona for the party. She sent me some more pictures from the party I thought I would post. It was great to see you guys:)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jackie & Sally's 50th Anniversary Party

As Blake and Brock would say "More Family Fest!" Our family gets together a lot and what better reason than for Jackie and Sally's anniversary. We all went to Heber for fun and family.

Sam and his cousins

Sam & "My favorite cousin Blake"

Brock you made the blog:)

We love watermelon