Thursday, September 29, 2011

20 Months

9-25 012

The babies are getting so big!  They are finally talking and are so sweet to each other (most of the time).  They play great together and play great with Sam.

9-25 011

Sawyer is the sweetest thing ever!  I could eat him up!  He loves to be with his mommy and is go good at taking care of his Sissy.  Anytime she starts to cry he brings her the pacifier, cup, or starts patting her. 

9-25 009

Baxley is SO independent and strong willed.  She is going through a stage where she wants it HER WAY!

9-25 010

9-25 002

9-25 003

9-25 026

See…ha! She gets so mad if we don’t give her what she wants.

9-25 005

And there is my sweet Sawyer, trying to make it better.  She got in trouble this week for biting him at Ms. Melinda’s.

9-25 031

And Sam takes care of all of us:)

Things the babies love right now:

  • Brian Kinder
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Their toothbrush
  • Baxley- shoes
  • Books
  • Me:)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Loves

Love This YouTube Video

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cherry Fest

Saturday, Laura helped me take the kids to Cherry Fest for a bit.  The kids enjoyed it and it was nice to get out for a while.  I had the kids by myself all weekend and I really appreciated Laura helping me out! 

3 babies + 2 days alone = EXHAUSTED!

cherryfest 003

cherryfest 005

cherryfest 006

cherryfest 007

Sam, Kohen, and Julia heading up the slide.

cherryfest 009

Julia getting ready for the tractor races!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Loving Every Second

Today was perfect!  It was beautiful and we took advantage of it.  We came home from school and played outside until the mosquitoes were about to carry us off.  We went in, I cooked dinner, we ate, had baths and PLAYED!  We did puzzles, played catch, and read books.  Everyone was in a good mood and we had a lot of laughs.  I had parent teacher conferences last night so it was so good to have some quality time tonight. 

9-23 006

The boys sporting their Hogs attire!  Can’t wait for the game tomorrow!

9-23 009

9-23 010

9-23 011

9-23 012

9-23 013

9-23 015

9-23 017

I told Sawyer to hug Sissy…I love it!!!9-23 019

9-23 021

9-23 022

9-23 024

I love these kiddos!  I am so glad that they are so close and play so good together.  Every day is an adventure!

Monday, September 19, 2011

To Do List- Done

9-17 002

My parents and Nana came this weekend to help me get a few things done around the house and to see the kids.  We had a great weekend!  I don’t know what I would do without my parents!  I had a list a mile long of things I wanted to get done and we concurred it and more!  We even made time to watch the Hogs and go to the park.

9-17 007

Bax wanted Papa to hold her the entire weekend!!!

9-17 009

Playing with the Mr. Potato Head

9-17 010 


9-17 012

The kids played with Mr. Potato Head’s glasses and their sunglasses all weekend.

9-17 013

9-17 015

9-17 017

9-17 018

9-17 020

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Nana for all of your help!  I love you so much! These kiddos are so much fun!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Loves

Check out the Wednesday Loves with Jamie.

Let me start off by saying that I obviously don’t know my Star Wars lingo…and actually I am totally okay with that.  So please ignore all of my mistakes in the last post! HA!

This week I am loving time with my kiddos!8-16-11 022

I LOVE this post!!!  IT IS HILARIOUS!!!!! It sounds just like me and E!  I Love it!

I Love this quote!

I <3 Audrey


I love that Dee Dee made us this delicious chocolate cake this week!

And finally, I love that my Erin Condren planner finally came in!  This Momma is about to be organized!


I love that my family is coming for the weekend!

What are you loving this week?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sol’s Star Wars Party

Joy&Sol 043

The Jacksons always have the best parties!  Sol’s 4th birthday party was no different!Joy&Sol 020

Joy&Sol 021 Joy&Sol 027

They had the WHS drama department come and entertain the kids.  Princess Leia gave the kids a lesson on using their light savers and how to fight.Joy&Sol 022

Joy&Sol 034

Joy&Sol 035 Joy&Sol 039

Then out came a Star Trooper and Darth Vader!  Sam was scared at first and ran to me, grabbed my arm, and said. “I want to go home”  Ha!  After a few minutes, he was okay and watched a few of his buddies “fight” Darth Vader.

Joy&Sol 045 

Joy&Sol 041

Joy&Sol 052

Joy&Sol 056

Joy&Sol 049

Joy&Sol 058

Look at these cake pops!!!

As we walked to the car Sam said, “That was a great party.”  We had a great time!

Sam played with his light saver ALL DAY Sunday!!!!!!  I had to tell him the name of the “white guy” and the “black guy” a hundred times!!!