Friday, September 9, 2011

19 Months

Kendall Bday 006

This month has been very eventful.  The babies started going to Ms. Melinda’s and love it!  Sawyer had his first haircut and Baxley survived her first major (to me) injury.  We are working on using the pacifier less and less and are still eating and sleeping well. 

Kendall Bday 007

Sawyer: Is still my snuggle bug, I could love all over this boy all day!  He is such a happy boy and gets so excited. Brown Bear is still his favorite book and he loves to dance.

Kendall Bday 008

Baxley: Is still my climber, notice her latest bruise!  She is very independent and tough as nails. God Knows All About Me is her favorite book and she loves her daddy.

Kendall Bday 013

Kendall Bday 017

Right after nap…so sweet

A few things Sam has said lately that I want to remember: 

He was playing with one of my make-up brushes, cleaning the floor with it, and I told him to put it back in the bag and he replied…

Sam: But, I love it, it’s very impressive

Me: Impressive…how do you know that word

Sam: It’s Spanish

E always tells Sam that he is a very special little boy.  The other day I asked Sam, “What does your daddy say you are Sam?”  Like I have a million times before…but this time his answer was: A Genius

The other day in his most serious voice he says…Mommy, I am really missing Santa Claus.

I love these kiddos!

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