Monday, September 19, 2011

To Do List- Done

9-17 002

My parents and Nana came this weekend to help me get a few things done around the house and to see the kids.  We had a great weekend!  I don’t know what I would do without my parents!  I had a list a mile long of things I wanted to get done and we concurred it and more!  We even made time to watch the Hogs and go to the park.

9-17 007

Bax wanted Papa to hold her the entire weekend!!!

9-17 009

Playing with the Mr. Potato Head

9-17 010 


9-17 012

The kids played with Mr. Potato Head’s glasses and their sunglasses all weekend.

9-17 013

9-17 015

9-17 017

9-17 018

9-17 020

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Nana for all of your help!  I love you so much! These kiddos are so much fun!

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