Friday, September 23, 2011

Loving Every Second

Today was perfect!  It was beautiful and we took advantage of it.  We came home from school and played outside until the mosquitoes were about to carry us off.  We went in, I cooked dinner, we ate, had baths and PLAYED!  We did puzzles, played catch, and read books.  Everyone was in a good mood and we had a lot of laughs.  I had parent teacher conferences last night so it was so good to have some quality time tonight. 

9-23 006

The boys sporting their Hogs attire!  Can’t wait for the game tomorrow!

9-23 009

9-23 010

9-23 011

9-23 012

9-23 013

9-23 015

9-23 017

I told Sawyer to hug Sissy…I love it!!!9-23 019

9-23 021

9-23 022

9-23 024

I love these kiddos!  I am so glad that they are so close and play so good together.  Every day is an adventure!

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