Saturday, September 10, 2011

Messy Face

Aug 11 001

This kids loves his food, and loves his bed!

Aug 11 004

Aug 11 006

Sam asked E to make his favorite food (hamburger helper…yes he is my child!) he pulled up his stool to help him cook and asked E if he had all the ingredients…we know he didn’t learn that word from me:)

It has not been my week!!!  Sam has had this terrible nose issue going on, Sawyer has had a high fever, and momma is exhausted!  We took the kids to the ENT Tuesday (appointment completely snuck up on me, I remembered it about half way through the day) he wrote a prescription for Sam’s nose and the babies looked good.  Baxley still has her tubes, but Sawyer’s are gone.  About midnight Sawyer woke me up with a high fever.  I stayed home with him Wednesday and ended up taking him to the doctor that afternoon.  We have decided he is just going to run high fevers.  Thursday Nonna stayed with him and Friday he was better and able to return to Ms. Melinda’s.

Sam’s new bedding came in and I have lost a pillowcase!!!  E has convinced me that it must have never been in the package…who knows.

I am helping with a baby shower this morning and taking Sam to Sol’s birthday party this afternoon.  Excited to see some friends!

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