Monday, September 12, 2011

Sol’s Star Wars Party

Joy&Sol 043

The Jacksons always have the best parties!  Sol’s 4th birthday party was no different!Joy&Sol 020

Joy&Sol 021 Joy&Sol 027

They had the WHS drama department come and entertain the kids.  Princess Leia gave the kids a lesson on using their light savers and how to fight.Joy&Sol 022

Joy&Sol 034

Joy&Sol 035 Joy&Sol 039

Then out came a Star Trooper and Darth Vader!  Sam was scared at first and ran to me, grabbed my arm, and said. “I want to go home”  Ha!  After a few minutes, he was okay and watched a few of his buddies “fight” Darth Vader.

Joy&Sol 045 

Joy&Sol 041

Joy&Sol 052

Joy&Sol 056

Joy&Sol 049

Joy&Sol 058

Look at these cake pops!!!

As we walked to the car Sam said, “That was a great party.”  We had a great time!

Sam played with his light saver ALL DAY Sunday!!!!!!  I had to tell him the name of the “white guy” and the “black guy” a hundred times!!! 

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