Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fun with Nature

IMG_5197 Tuesday Sam and I headed to Jonesboro to visit the Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center.  Blake met us there.  Sam loved seeing everything, but was a little nervous.IMG_5200





IMG_5214 We stopped at Craighead Forrest and saw Brock after he had finished a run.

E had an early day and came home early.  He bought Sam a new Buzz Light Year fishing pole (and bought me a new one as well) and we went out back to the pond.IMG_5246 




This is our new dog…I guess…she came up one day and has stuck around.  E bought her a collar and took her to the vet and they have become pretty tight.  She is a really good dog.  E let Sam name her…he chose Dragon.  Well E said “she didn’t like that name” whatever and tried to name her Francis…Sam said no and then named her Bubblegum.  So meet our new dog, Bubblegum:)IMG_5259




Sam’s first fish!IMG_5270




And this is the real fisherman or should I say fisherwoman of the family!  That’s right I am wearing rubber boots, fishing in a pond, beside a rice field, in my backyard…oh how times have changed!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Rose

IMG_5176 Rose Jackson celebrated her first birthday.  Becca had a great party for her at the country club pool.  I only took a couple of pics because I was wet most of the time.

IMG_5173 Sam and Cooper with JakeIMG_5166 Sam and BrandonIMG_5182 Sweet Julia


Botanical Gardens


Thursday Laura and I took the boys to Memphis to the Botanical Gardens.  They really enjoyed it, but it was super hot!  The picture above is a big tree house they played in.
IMG_5099 IMG_5100
IMG_5102 IMG_5104

IMG_5106 IMG_5108
IMG_5110 IMG_5119

IMG_5112 IMG_5117
IMG_5121 IMG_5124

IMG_5126 IMG_5127

They have lots of play areas incorporating nature.  They also have these little houses with different themes.IMG_5122

Later that afternoon Laura and Kohen came over to play.  Sam and Kohen had the best time and even got in a little wrestling.IMG_5131

IMG_5133 Nice boots Sam!IMG_5134

Monday, July 26, 2010


IMG_5090 My big boys!  I can’t believe Sawyer isn’t even 6 months yet…he is so big!IMG_5091

IMG_5095 The kids and I left Sheridan and drove to Heber for the day.  Rusty and Jac Jac were at Jackie and Sally’s and we hadn’t had a chance to go yet this year.IMG_5082

IMG_5084And where Uncle Jackie goes, the watermelon goes:)

Sam thought it was time for Bax to have a taste.


IMG_5089 Trying to stay cool on the porch.heber