Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting Better and My Birthday


This is the babies on Thanksgiving with their popsicles.  We had their check-up yesterday and got a good report!



I was so grateful that my parents were here to help!!!

I typed the following yesterday:

I have to say a special thank-you to one of my BFF’s tonight.  I CONSTANTLY call on Linz for favors!  This week alone she has: Created a letter from our Elf for the kids, created another gift for my nephews, picked up a dip for me, let me borrow a bowl, and is taking me to dinner tomorrow night…and it’s only TUESDAY!  And what does she say when I thank her…what else can I do to help you!


And tonight I want to add that she surprised me at Bible study with a cake and cookies!


I had a wonderful birthday.  I had a friend bring me breakfast, a friend take me to lunch, and another friend take me to dinner!  I am truly blessed with the best friends!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wee School Thanksgiving


Sam enjoyed his Thanksgiving Feast at school.  I hated I couldn’t be there, but was so grateful that Nonna could and that my sweet friends sent me pics!


Sad Thanksgiving


The babies and I missed Thanksgiving at Mottie’s this year.  We hated to miss it and hated missing everyone.  It looked like they missed us too.  “My favorite cousin Blake” as she likes to be called text me all of these pics…love her!


sad3 sad4



Can’t wait to see everyone at Christmas!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tonsils, Adenoids, and Tubes Oh My…


Monday we had the babies scheduled to have their 2nd set of tubes put in, their adenoids removed, and Sawyer was going to have his tonsils taken out.  While they had Baxley back in the operating room they called and told us they had decided to take her tonsils out too.


tonsils6 tonsils10

They have really done better than to be expected.  They are fussy and extra clingy, but overall it hasn’t been as bad as I had anticipated.  We have moved around a lot and watched a lot of movies.  We have an older couch in the kids TV room and helllloooo perfect time for a fold out couch!!! 


Laying on the fold out couch holding their balloons.

tonsils7 tonsils1

Having fun with the goodies Lou Lou sent and getting a pedi from BB.

tonsils8 tonsils2

Dad pushing the liquids and jello after coming in from the duck blind.

Last time we were in Sheridan, Papa had a golf tournament and Sam asked him to win him a trophy….well Papa won the trophy!  So when they came this week Papa brought it to him and he has not put it down yet.  He slept with it, took it outside to play, and just now took it to Thanksgiving at Mottie’s.  Proud boy!  We are missing Thanksgiving at Mottie’s, but we want to get the babies healthy as quick as possible.  I am so glad my parents are here to help!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!

You Make Me Smile

I have been begging Audra to start a blog.  She has been my best friend my entire life and I hate being two hours away from her.  She is expecting her first baby (and has endured a lot of complications) and is building a new house.  I thought a blog would be a great way for me to keep up with things and see pictures…so really it is just pure selfishness on my part. I told her it is a great way to scrapbook things and FINALLY she gave in and started one.

Today was her first post and it is so sweet! 

You Make Me Smile

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pics from the Week


We are at home this week recovering from surgery.  Both babies had their 2nd set of tubes put in and their tonsils and adenoids removed.  They are doing really well. We are just laying around and watching movies.  I thought I would post some pics.


We have been cheering on the yellow jackets from home each week. 


Saturday I attended Lauren’s baby shower.  She looked so cute!


Elizabeth had her first violin recital this past weekend.  She looked beautiful!  I hate we missed it.  We are so proud of her!

Monday, November 19, 2012

2nd Annual Duck Eve Party


Friday night E had his annual duck eve party.  We had a blast!  About 40 of our friends came down to the bottoms to visit and listen to some good music.





duck11 duck8

duck9 duck10



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Party for Two


Saturday, we celebrated Emmaline and Elizabeth’s birthday.



It was so good to all be together!!! I love our family!  Notice, Sawyer wouldn’t get out of his jammies…picking my battles.




E&E7 E&E8

It was soooo good to see Blake…I miss her SOOOO much…can’t you tell!

Monday, November 12, 2012

First Movie and a Doctor Visit


Friday night Nonna, Lou Lou, and I took 7 kids to dinner and a movie.  It was the babies first movie and they really enjoyed it.  We saw Wreck it Ralph and it was super cute.


They love Lou, Bax sat in her lap the entire night.  Sawyer Powell and his mom were also there and Sam and Kohen ended up sitting with them.  It was a fun night out!


Saturday I took the babies to the doctor.  They have been fighting a bad cold.  They are having surgery a week from today so we are trying to get them well so they will be ready.  Bax is having her adenoids taken out and tubes put in and Sawyer is having the same plus tonsils removed.  It’s going to be a fun Thanksgiving for the Vaught’s!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to my 2nd favorite set of twins!!! We love you girls!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Catching Up


This time of year is super busy!! This picture was taken one night when Bax and I went to support my girls from school in the Miss Yellow Jacket Pageant.  Bax loved it!  It was so fun to have some girl time with her.


This is Sawyer before church Sunday…he thought I was going to let him take all of this with him!


Saturday night Nonna and I took the kiddos to a hay ride and cook out. Bax looked so grown up!



Saturday we spent part of the day at E’s duck club.  We picked pecans and the boys played in the dirt.


And Sam snoozing on the way to have our family pictures Sunday.  I can’t wait to see them!!! I love family pictures!!!