Monday, November 12, 2012

First Movie and a Doctor Visit


Friday night Nonna, Lou Lou, and I took 7 kids to dinner and a movie.  It was the babies first movie and they really enjoyed it.  We saw Wreck it Ralph and it was super cute.


They love Lou, Bax sat in her lap the entire night.  Sawyer Powell and his mom were also there and Sam and Kohen ended up sitting with them.  It was a fun night out!


Saturday I took the babies to the doctor.  They have been fighting a bad cold.  They are having surgery a week from today so we are trying to get them well so they will be ready.  Bax is having her adenoids taken out and tubes put in and Sawyer is having the same plus tonsils removed.  It’s going to be a fun Thanksgiving for the Vaught’s!

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