Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tonsils, Adenoids, and Tubes Oh My…


Monday we had the babies scheduled to have their 2nd set of tubes put in, their adenoids removed, and Sawyer was going to have his tonsils taken out.  While they had Baxley back in the operating room they called and told us they had decided to take her tonsils out too.


tonsils6 tonsils10

They have really done better than to be expected.  They are fussy and extra clingy, but overall it hasn’t been as bad as I had anticipated.  We have moved around a lot and watched a lot of movies.  We have an older couch in the kids TV room and helllloooo perfect time for a fold out couch!!! 


Laying on the fold out couch holding their balloons.

tonsils7 tonsils1

Having fun with the goodies Lou Lou sent and getting a pedi from BB.

tonsils8 tonsils2

Dad pushing the liquids and jello after coming in from the duck blind.

Last time we were in Sheridan, Papa had a golf tournament and Sam asked him to win him a trophy….well Papa won the trophy!  So when they came this week Papa brought it to him and he has not put it down yet.  He slept with it, took it outside to play, and just now took it to Thanksgiving at Mottie’s.  Proud boy!  We are missing Thanksgiving at Mottie’s, but we want to get the babies healthy as quick as possible.  I am so glad my parents are here to help!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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