Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Harvest

Harvest has begun, the guys got in the field yesterday and started cutting rice. I got some pics of Sam with E before they got started.

This was E with Sam last year, a few months earlier in the summer.


I haven't blogged much lately because I have been so tired...well I guess two babies will do that to you. I now have my energy back and I am playing catch up.

Laura and I took the boys to the park to play the other day and she sent me these sweet pics.

E brought some of his rice home about a month ago and Sam was checking it out.

Tasting dad's rice.

Sam and E playing by the pond.

Sam and Kohen

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Wow, where do I begin! As many of you know we found out Monday that we are expecting TWINS! I know it is hard to believe, but yes it is the truth. My doctor is in Little Rock and has been my doctor for many years. I wanted to use him when I became pregnant with Sam and now that he is familiar with my pregnancies and my high blood pressure I wanted to continue using him even though trips to LR are not always convenient. Monday I was going in for a routine 4 week check-up and I told everyone I could go by myself. E has been busy watering beans and getting ready for harvest. Both of my parents offered to take off and meet me there, but I told them to save their days (thank goodness because we are going to need them). When the doctor came in we started talking about how things were going and after a few concerning comments he noticed my uterus was very high and I was already showing a little so he decided to do an ultrasound to see what was going on. When he started the ultrasound I immediately saw a baby and was so excited and then I heard these words, “Well that explains it, there are two of them……..” WHAT??????????????? I nearly fell off the table. The first thing I thought was I have a 17 month old baby! And then I thought E is going to die! Dr. B immediately began telling me how I would probably end up in the hospital and the babies would be early and small and probably be in the hospital. If you know us very well you know that E almost hyperventilates when we leave Cross County. More time in LR was not going to set well with him.

As soon as I left I called him immediately and I would have done anything to have a recording of that and every other conversation. They all pretty much started with “you are lying.” It is beginning to set in and we have been through every emotion. We feel very blessed and excited, but at the same time very concerned and overwhelmed. Three children under 2 years old…WOW! Poor baby Sam has no idea what is about to happen. Our family would greatly appreciate your prayers.

Oh yeah- E is handling everything quite well and says he can handle more time in LR. Marsh start planning on taking him out now!

…my due date was late February, but Dr. B said he would take them by 36 weeks so we are looking at late January now. So close!
I will keep you posted.

Last Saturday morning Jac Jac and Rusty let Sam come hang out by the pool while Mrs. Donna and I ran to the jewelery show. Rusty sent me this pic...I love it!