Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sam and the golf clubs Papa and BB sent him for Easter.

Trying on some Easter basket goodies.

We had a wonderful weekend. We celebrated Easter and Nonna's birthday. It was the first time we have really gotten the babies out. Mrs. Donna came over and helped me get us all ready. The babies did so good in church. Sawyer slept in Nonna's lap the entire time and Baxley stayed awake and ate up the attention.

Mrs. Donna, her sister, and Mottie smocked the babies these precious gowns to wear home from the hospital. They were too big and we left the hospital/hotel in such a hurry that they didn't get to wear them then. They made perfect Easter outfits. They mean so much to me and I love anything smocked.

Sam hunting his Easter eggs

Easter baskets from Nonna and Pop

Sam had just hit the cat, you can see its tail on the left of the picture. I screamed!

Nonna opening her birthday presents, notice Sam playing the piano again in the back. Sam made Nonna's birthday card. He would color something and I would ask him what he was drawing and he would tell me so I could label it. Some of them were an elephant, giraffe, Christmas tree, and Alvin.

Blake and Sawyer

Brock and Baxley

Our sweet sitter Sandra brought the kiddos these sweet Easter baskets with goodies inside.


Christina Staggs said...

Looks like you guys had one busy day! The babies are just too precious and I can't believe how big Sam looks next to them! And you look great, too, by the way!!

amber leann said...

Aw, such sweet Easter pics! Klaire's first Easter happened to be her first church service as well which was neat.