Friday, April 16, 2010

Sheridan Visitors- Saturday

Saturday we had some more visitors and then headed out to the country club to meet Papa.
Watch out golfers
I had to show Sam my skills!

Shelly and her kids came by

Audra came by after a run to see Sam. I had bought her this cute little platter about 3 years ago and held on to it until she got engaged. We went out to dinner for her birthday and had a great time with the girls.

Sam helping her open her birthday present.

Sam is such a big help at putting brothers pacy back in.

The best big brother!

How cute is this???
We had a great time at BB's and Papa's...we also had visits from Jan Jan and Mike, Mrs. Brenda, Mrs. Joy, Mrs. Zoe, Nana, and was great seeing everyone.

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