Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Morning Part 1

Christmas 2011 010

I didn’t want Sam to get up in the night before Santa had finished putting his toys out and I wanted to see his reaction so I put him in bed with me on Christmas Eve.  During the night Sawyer ended up in bed with us and about 6:30 Baxley got in bed with us.  Sam woke up (with all 5 of us in the bed) and this conversation happened:

Sam: Santa didn’t come

E: What do you mean

Sam: You told me if I stayed in bed all night Santa would come and he didn’t!

E: How do you know he didn’t come?

Sam: Because I didn’t hear him

E: Well you got a lot of toys at Nonna’s last night it will be okay.

Sam: Yeah it’s okay

E: There’s always next year

Sam: Yeah there’s always next year…puts his head back on the pillow, a few seconds of silence…it sure is a long time until next year Dad

Me: (I can’t take it) Let’s just go look and see if maybe he did come


Christmas 2011 001

Christmas 2011 005

Christmas 2011 008

Christmas 2011 017

Christmas 2011 024

Christmas 2011 027

Christmas 2011 030

Christmas 2011 033

Christmas 2011 034

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amber leann said...

Such a cute conversation! :)