Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Packing Again

I really should be packing for Sheridan, but I am on the computer.  We are heading out tomorrow after school for Sheridan.  My dad is retiring and they are having a send off for him and we want to be there.  I have a few other things I need to take care of in Little Rock so it is working out perfectly. 

Last Saturday was my nephew Gavin’s birthday, my dad’s is the 31st, and the babies turn two Sunday, so Saturday we are going to celebrate all four!  We will then celebrate back home Sunday at Nonna’s house.

The babies birthday kind of crept up on me a little.  We had Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and then going back to school, and then trip to paradise, and a little bit of Mother’s denial, and bam they are two!!!!!!   We are just having small family celebrations since this is the last year I can probably get away with it.  Next year I promise to have them a party!

Tomorrow they will celebrate with their friends at Ms. Melinda’s.  I am sending these precious cookies and ice cream cups.

January 011

I can’t wait to celebrate with them all weekend long!

I forgot to post these pics of the signs the kids made for us while we were gone.

January 008

Please ignore the fact that our decorative pillows are not on the bed and enjoy this beautiful art work:)

January 009 

This one was taped to my bathroom mirror, I think they had a little help from BB.

Lindz came through tonight with the vacation pics, so hopefully I can post them next week.

Back to packing…

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