Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sharing my Obsessions!

The other day I mentioned being obsessed with Southern Loop.  If you like personalized things and you haven’t liked them on fb you are really missing out!

Southern Loop

I decided to share a few of my other obsessions…

The first thing I am obsessed with right now is Groop Dealz!  You sign up for emails and everyday they send you “dealz”.  They have some super buys.  I put a couple I saw on there the other day below…

How cute are these backpacks???? Personalization included and only $13.99!!!

Statement necklace- $13.99!

Up next, another daily email deal.   Example below:

Hilarious blog…You may remember the blog post I talked about with the chicken a while back…

Well this is my new favorite post of hers…

She was also featured Thursday during the first week of “Katie”, Katie Couric’s new show. 


Anyone have an obsession I need to know about?????

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Mrs. Howard said...

I started following Southern Loop after you posted about it and now I'm hooked on your new one Daily Frills. Oh my are dangerous - my husband is going to be so bummed I found that. =) Ha!