Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Loves

Check out the Wednesday Loves with Jamie.

This week I love that E and I have actually had some time together lately and some fun nights with friends…so needed!

How cool is this fridge? E just said this week that we need 2 refrigerators.

I am loving our bible study group!  We are just finishing up Brave and it has been great for our group.

Did You Think To Pray

I love this bag!


Lou loves

This is for Lou Lou!

Anniversary 002 

I love this pic!IMG_9976

Sawyer is so much like E!!!  Probably the first 10 times I saw E he looked just like this, smiling with a cooler behind him!  They both make me crazy one minute and then I want to eat them up the next! 

What are you loving this week?


Katie said...

Those refrigerators are to-die-for! Have a happy Wednesday:)

Kelly said...

your family is so adorbs! Love that sign about taking pics of yourself...but my question is, how DO you take pics of yourself then/!?!? lol. have a great wednesday! and your blog is so cute!

Trish said...

i love that autocorrect. too funny.

Kristen said...

Wow, that frdige is very impressive. Apparently they have fridges that also have touch screens on them now.

Love that autocorrect! hahaha

Lori said...

i love you entire list. that autocorrect is hilarious! your pictures are just adorable :)

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