Sunday, August 21, 2011

EACC Brochure


Look who is in the East Arkansas Community College Brochure…Sam!  Jessica took pics of the kids in Art Class and they used this one.  Linz does the marketing for EACC and emailed this to me.

Friday night E and I went to JB’s for dinner with friends.  We had a GREAT time!  We had a huge table and then there were several other tables of friends.  It was so nice to get to see everyone!  I really hope we can do this more often!  Linz snapped a couple of pics with her phone and sent them to me.




Look at these birthday girls!

Kendall’s birthday is this month and Evyn’s was last month so they celebrated this weekend together.  They came by today to see the kids and it was so good to see them together.  Their mothers would be so proud!  Love you both!

I have been trying SO HARD to find some bedding for Sam’s new bed!  I can’t find anything I like except the Serena and Lilly navy/white stripe and Parker has it…so Jes they may have twinkie beds if I don’t find something soon!!!  I should start a business boys bedding/holiday pajamas…never can find what I want…ha!


RobinVZ said...

try potterybarn kids! Katy and I both got big boy bedding there. they also have an outlet in memphis that has a kids section..might try there too. (you know, in all that free time you have!)

Shea said...

Love Pottery Barn Kids! We just bought M's big boy bedding from there! Good luck :)