Thursday, August 11, 2011

So Random

This post is going to be super random because that’s how my mind is working today.

The babies had another good day at Melinda’s which makes me a happy momma!  Baxley is going to the potty and sitting on it, but hasn’t actually gone yet.  She also loves taking trash to the trash can.

It has been hard getting back in the swing of things.  We get home, I cook (using the term lightly), feed them, bathe them, clean up dinner and high chairs, start laundry and dishes, and play.  I am tired!  I’m so ready for harvest to start and be over so E can get in on this fun:)

Tonight I did a whole load of laundry and forgot to put in the detergent and fabric softener.  It wasn’t until I was moving the load to the dryer that I realized I never put it in.  Really??? Don’t worry I re-washed them.

Audra text me tonight and said that they are having casting calls in LR Sunday for a movie with McConaughey and Witherspoon.  We both agreed they would totally pick us, too bad we are busy Sunday.


Sam: Are we going to Parker’s house tonight?

Me: No Son

Sam: But I want to

Me: Why do you want to go to Parker’s?

Sam: Because I miss him

Melt my heart…I told him we could call him, so I called and told Jes the conversation and she said Parker had asked her yesterday if Sam was coming over…weird.  We put them on the phone together and Sam told him he was coming over there to play tomorrow and Parker told him they could play on his new swing set.  So cute!  His first friend phone convo!

I so want to visit an IKEA store, like I can’t tell you how bad!

Ha- I told you it would be random!

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