Wednesday, August 10, 2011

18 Month Check-Up

The babies had their check up yesterday.  Nonna helped me take them and believe me when I tell you we had our hands full!  Sam went with us and it just about did us both in!

A few stats:

Sawyer: weighs 27.5 (68%), height 32.5 (54%)

Baxley: weighs 20.9 (4%), height 31.25 (35%)

Huge weight difference!!!

The check-up went well except Sawyer’s tubes have come out and he had an ear infection.  They are sending us back to the ENT next week to see if we need to have them put back in.  Fun times!

Today was my first day back at work.  I had been telling E that I was really going to need his help getting everyone ready and out the door this morning.  I woke up super early so we would have enough time and realized E wasn’t home.  I called him and he was cutting levees, he had worked all night.  I’m not complaining I appreciate that he is such a hard worker, but it sure is hard doing it by myself.

The kids had a much better day at Melinda’s which is exactly what I needed today.  When I went to pick them up they were outside playing with sidewalk chalk and were in great moods.

My first day back was better than expected, we had times to set up our computers and had a great speaker.  I have not even started working on my room…sigh!!!  I don’t know when, but sometime I will get it all done!

This morning I had so many sweet text messages from friends wishing me a good first day.  One message in particular was from an old BFF I rarely get to see and it just made my day!  Love you Marsh!  It really meant a lot to me that people thought enough to send a little text, I have so many sweet people in my life and feel so blessed!  I really want to work on remembering those little things for people.  Little gestures sure can make a big difference…oh the things I could do if I could just function without sleep!

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Morgan said...

You do a great job at remembering the little things and sending sweet texts!