Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The drawers continue


It has been so crazy around here!  Sam’s babysitter was sick for two full weeks so it was a juggling act around here.  Then E got sick and we all know how it is when a man is sick! Let’s just say I am so glad Melinda and E are both well!IMG_7867

Baxley found a bathroom drawer to crawl in and below is her favorite…her food drawer.IMG_7749

Not happy that brother is trying to get in on her action.IMG_7878

Sam’s birthday is this weekend and I am so sad they are calling for rain Saturday.  I had just pictured all the kids on his swing set and playing on the riding toys and enjoying a beautiful day, doesn’t look like that is going to be the case.  I know we will have a good time come rain or shine:)

On their birthday they take treats to Wee School.  I wasn’t going to do a lot because I have been so swamped lately, but I am so blessed that Nonna decided she would take care of it.  She got his class treats and juice for a party and these little take home treats for all the kids.  All I had to do was the cards.  Thanks so much Nonna!  They are full of goodies. 



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