Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Loves

This week I am loving a few different baby/kid items.


The babies are pretty much eating whatever we eat, but occasionally I need something else to feed them.  They love these pasta pick-ups.  They have different kinds and they are quick and easy.

Old Navy socks for kids are the best.  They are thick and comfy and they stay in place!  They last forever and come in different colors.

Crayola Color Wonder Stow & Go Studio Assorted Colors

Sam loves Crayola Color Wonder activities.  We have gone through quite a few of them and they are great for car rides.  I also love them because the markers only work on the magic paper! The one in the picture is the Stow and Go version and works great for travel.

I don’t know how I have missed out on PBS kids for so long.  There are some really cute and educational shows on PBS.  Sam loves Super Why and Wild Kratts! 

What are you loving?


Tickled Pink said...

Super Why is a hit at our house too.. That song always gets stuck in my head!! Have a great night!

Laura said...

"Hey Super Readers!" We watch it too! Love the socks also. Especially the sticky on the bottom, keeps them from slipping!

Morgan said...

Ha ha! We watched Super Why almost everyday over spring break. It's great!