Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 3- No Tonsils


Today we had a rough morning, but the afternoon was much better.  We have been setting the alarm to wake Sam up to give him his pain medicine on schedule.  Last night I got up at 1:00 and gave him medicine and then forgot to re-set the alarm so about 6:30 he woke up in major pain.  I felt horrible!  I won’t make that mistake again!

It is hard to be inside on these beautiful days, day after day!  Today we moved Sam to the LR couch for a change of scenery and look who had to check on him.IMG_8263



By the afternoon Sam was feeling better and was ready to play a little bit.  Pop had brought him some new harvest toys and he couldn’t wait to test them out.  My mom left today and Nonna came and helped me.  She took the babies home with her tonight.  Sam did not want them to leave, this is the first time he has been at home without them.

Mom brought a bunch of small wrapped gifts and told me to pull them out as needed to get Sam over a hump.  Tonight when the babies left was a perfect opportunity.  Thanks BB!  Every lit bit helps when you are trying to keep a toddler occupied.  Jac Jac came by today and brought him a “happy” too.  So far he hasn’t been climbing the walls, but I feel it may be approaching.


Sissy played with her Bitty Baby for a while today.  She thought she needed to try out her bottle.IMG_8271





I am so grateful that E and I have such wonderful families that pitch in and help us so much.  We love them and couldn’t do it without them.

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