Sunday, February 27, 2011

13 Months


The babies are 13 months and so many things are happening.

They are really walking everywhere!  Sam started walking two weeks after he turned two and so did the babies.  It is so strange to be in a room and see one of them come walking in.  They have also started cutting their top teeth.  They are down to a morning and a night bottle and milk and juice in their sippy cup during the day.  They are eating pretty much everything.IMG_7855

One year stats:

Weight: 23 pounds- 55th percentile

Height: 30.5 inches- 67th percentile

Sawyer has been super clingy lately and only wanting his mommy.  He is so lovable and cuddly, but has a mischievous side as well.  He will go to do something he knows he isn’t supposed to and look at me to see if I am going to tell him no.  He still wakes up in the middle of most nights and screams until I take him to bed with me.


Weight: 18 pounds- 11th percentile

Height: 28.5 inches- 24th percentile

Baxley is my climber lately!  We have to watch her all the time because she is constantly on top of something.  She will push her toys up to things and climb on top of them to get onto something else.  We find her on the couch, on top of tables, standing on tall toys, etc.  She is a great sleeper and sleeps all night, every night in her bed.IMG_7859

I can really tell this month that they aren’t babies anymore:(IMG_7861


And I had to include a pic of this big boy!  He will be 3 next week and we are planning his tractor party.

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