Monday, February 14, 2011

My Tie


E and I had so many college t-shirts and they were taking up so many drawers so a few years ago I decided to have a quilt made with them.   I used some of the Sig-Ep (E’s fraternity) and Chi Omega (my sorority) shirts.  We use it all the time and it got me thinking today.IMG_7741

This is the shirt that started it all.

E is a year younger than me and we started dating his freshman year, my sophomore year.  I had seen him around the Sig-Ep house and had a slight crush on him.  He was friends with a few of my friends boyfriends.  We had a drop-in (party) with the Sig-Eps coming up.  The way this drop-in worked is all the guys would send over a tie with their phone number on it and we would go by the suite and pick one up.  We then called them and they brought us a cooler and something to drink to the party.  I was friends with the social chairman and in class one day was giving her a list of phone numbers of my friends so she could grab me one of those ties.  One of E’s friends was in the class and told me I should add E’s number.  I didn’t even know his number, but his buddy convinced me to put it down.  I probably gave her five numbers and which tie did she bring me…E’s tie!  I was so embarrassed I couldn’t even call him.  Most guys got their date’s a small cooler.  Not E, I think he bought the biggest cooler he could find.  He said guys at the house would ask him, “Have you seen your date?  She could fit in that cooler.”  This drop-in started it all. 

I would have never believed you if you would have told me that 11 years later we would have been married for going on 7 years and have 3 children.  We have been through so much and have survived and we have so many things to be grateful for!  Happy Valentines Day!


AmyA said...

What a great story! Wow, all the great memories! Love the quit idea! Wish I would have saved more of our shirts to do that too.

Christina Staggs said...

So funny!! I don't guess I had ever heard your "how you met" story! You definetly have a cute one! The quilt is awesome, I wish I had done that with all my old college shirts too! How neat!

Shea said...

What a fun story! I knew y'all met in college, but didn't know that was how!!!