Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Loves

Check out the Wednesday Loves with Jamie.

This week I am loving Sawyer in the mornings!  When I go to get him out of his bed he is so happy and ready to play.


I am loving that General Hospital survived the ABC soap cancellations.  I haven’t missed an episode in probably 8 or 9 years. The girl below…Brenda…was also on 90210!  I always tell E that if I wasn’t a farmers wife, I would be a great mob wife…HA!

It's a soap tradition dating back to Luke and Laura and beyond: soap characters on the run, from the mob or the law or each other. There are few characters who have done it better than General Hospital's Sonny and Brenda. They fled to Puerto Rico in the mid-'90s to escape the mob. Now Sonny is headed Brenda's way as he evades the law. Looks like history repeating!We collected the best soap-stars-on-the-run moments and put them into a handy gallery for you.

I am loving that there are only 6 more Wednesdays until school is out!

I am loving these tips I saw on another blog:

How To Have A Lovely Day…in 10 easy steps

  1. Smile at strangers
  2. Slow down
  3. Say thank you
  4. Give lots of compliments
  5. Dress nicely
  6. Wear perfume
  7. Observe and listen
  8. Be charming
  9. Laugh
  10. Wish people a lovely day

What are you loving this week?


Tiff said...

I am with you on the soaps.. I watch guiding light from inside my mommas belly til it was cancelled last year.. I cried a little!Hope you have a great afternoon!

Joeylee said...

i love the bedding in your kids crib, adorable. I love GH. Love the tips as well!

Kit said...

That is such a great list!!!

Great things you are loving today!

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah for GH being saved. Visiting from Jamie's site!