Friday, April 15, 2011

I have my hands full!


Every time I leave the room, I come back to…who knows something different every time!!!


They are climbing on EVERYTHING!  This is them on Sam’s train table.  I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago.


A couple of weeks ago was Farmer Day at Wee School.  Sam was so excited!  Usually in the mornings Sam wonders into my bathroom while I am getting ready.  That morning I could hear him on the monitor yelling, “someone come put my clothes on” and “I can’t find my boots.”  He couldn’t wait to get there and walked through the door singing Farmer in the Dell.

With all this rain farming is at a stand still so E went to Talladega for the races.  He is getting to spend some time with some buddies from college that he doesn’t get to see very often so I hope they have a good…and safe time!  They had a close encounter with a tornado tonight, but are fine.  We will see how I make it this weekend with all 3 kiddos by myself!

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