Monday, August 20, 2012

Wee School Orientation

Wee School5

Last Thursday night was the Wee School Family Picnic.  This is Sam’s last year at Wee School and he will be going M-F.  The babies will be starting this year and will be going M,W,F.  Cee Cee will pick the babies up and take them to Melinda’s.  Sam will be going home with Lacey Powell this year.  We are super excited about this year!

Wee School4

Wee School Wee School2

Wee School3 

Sam is in Mrs. Kelly’s class.  The babies are in Mrs. Jeanette’s class.

teacher gift

I made this for my classroom and went ahead and made Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Jeanette one as a back to school gift.  I hope they can say that after a year with my kiddos!

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