Friday, August 10, 2012

Corn, Boat, and Chelsea


E came in for a little bit today and the kids helped him in the back corn field. I kept waiting on a baseball player to walk out of the field!  This is our first year to have corn.  I told him we should make a maze out of it for the fall…yeah he decided no he would cut it and make some money…whatever!


Randomly E and the kids hopped in the boat for a little ride.  I have yet to take a ride in the boat so Sam and I decided to join them.



We just rode around and looked at fish!  E and I got a kick out the day.  If you would have told us ten years ago that we would be on a little boat in a pond in our back yard with 3 kids we would have laughed, but we love every second of it!  I love our life!

Okay, and super random…I love Chelsea Lately and last night two of her round table members were graduates of the University of Arkansas…cool!

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