Monday, August 6, 2012

Last Week Off

sum 12 002 

This is our last week of summer break! I am trying to get things done like dentist appointments and hair cuts.  Sunday, Bax and I went to church and then met Nonna and the boys for a Target run.  Bax had all kinds of things in her little bag including two pair of sunglasses, which she is obsessed with.  She took out a pair at church and wore them the entire service!


We picked up a few things for the babies beds like mattress pads, you know fun stuff!  E has been painting and trying to work on the beds so we will have them ready before we go back to school.


The kids have been enjoying time at home. In the above picture they are working on cards to send Andrew at camp. 

sum 12 007

Sometimes the box is just as much fun as the toy!

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