Sunday, August 12, 2012

So Long Summer Vacation


I go back to work tomorrow, I can’t believe summer break is over!  We have truly had a great summer and I am sad to see it end.  I want to thank Blake for helping me so much this summer.  I could NOT ask for a better babysitter, cousin, and best friend!!!  My kids love her and I truly appreciate all of her help!  I can’t wait for next summer when we will be getting ready for her big day!

I also want to thank Rusty and Jac Jac for always opening up their home to us.  We had a great summer at the pool and love you guys!

And last, I want to thank our parents.  B.B., Papa, Nonna, and Pop have gone above and beyond to help make this such a special summer.  They were always there to help us out and we love them so much!!!  We could not do it without you guys!


Today the babies and I went to church and then headed to Jac Jac’s for our last family day at the pool.

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On a side note: Sam thinks he is Michael Phelps and keeps referring to himself as so…this kid!!!!

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Mrs. Howard said...

I love that photo of Sam. Ridiculously cute!!