Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Virus Vs. Vaught’s

Virus- 4 Vaught’s- 1

The stomach virus has taken our house by storm!!! It all started last Thursday when Ms. Melinda was closed because she was sick.  Sandra came and stayed with the babies and I took Sam on to Wee School and then he went home with a friend.  About 3:45 Sandra text me that Sawyer was sick and it all began.  He and Bax were sick all night and stayed home with Nonna on Friday.  Sunday night it hit me like never before.  I don’t think I have ever been that sick.  I was sick every 20 minutes for 12 hours.  Laura came by to bring me some medicine and saw how awful I looked and decided she was taking me to the doctor.  Of course I got sick the whole way there, while we were there, and on the way home.  Doc game me a shot and it worked because when we got home I went to sleep for almost 24 hours and didn’t get sick again.  Then as Nonna was brining kids home Tuesday afternoon, Sam got sick in her car.  So, Sam and I are home again today.

I’ve had just about all of the stomach virus I can handle!!!  E is avoiding us like the plague as you can imagine so hopefully he won’t get it.  I honestly think I would have ended up in the hospital if Laura hadn’t taken me when she did, I appreciate her so much!!! She is always taking care of me! 

Nonna has been a life saver through this entire thing, she just steps right in to do whatever I need and takes the kids.  I am so blessed to have her to help me!!! Say a prayer that this thing is behind us and tomorrow we can have our lives back.  I’m going to have some more Gatorade and about to get busy with the Lysol!

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