Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tervis Tumblers

Quick Update: We made it through the day without anyone getting sick…whoop whoop!!!!!  We all went back to school today and everyone is doing better:)

Now, on to my favorite cups.  I am obsessed with Tervis Tumblers!  I found some online at Bed Bath & Beyond and sent the link to my mom.  She bought me the ones that I picked out.  Well…the one’s I picked out are a little smaller than I thought.  They are great for water at home, but I like the bigger ones for leaving the house because I can fit an entire Diet DP in one.

I have one that was left at my house that has a ‘L’ on it.  It is probably Lindsay’s, but she won’t claim it…probably because she knows I love it!!!  So, I carry it to school all of the time and it is kind of a joke with my students.  They ask what does L stand for and I reply: L for Kelly

They don’t think it is funny!

Well last week one of my precious students surprised me with this:


That’s right, it is a real ‘K’ for Kelly cup!

They are the best cups, they don’t sweat and hold ice all day.  They are worth their hefty price!

I created this post last week…and now I get to add that for Mother’s Day I got more cups:)  Oh the little things that excite me:)

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