Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother’s Day Gifts

May 004

Every year Ms. Melinda has the kids do something special for their mothers.  This year she had them make the cutest flowers out of their hands and feet.

May 005 May 006

The little phrase says, “This flower is special you see, because it is made from parts of me.  My hands and feet made each flower part, to show I love you with all my heart.” So cute!

May 007

They each made one of these too.

She also asked Sam some questions, All About My Mom.

What is your mom’s name? Kelly

How old is your mom? She is 22

What color is her hair? Blonde like mine

What is her favorite color? Pink and Purple

Where does she work? Beside my school

What is her favorite food? Sausage and Steak

What does she like to watch on tv? Her show

What does she like to do? Go to the lake house

What makes her happy? She’s happy when I love her

What makes her sad? When I don’t love her

Where is her favorite place to go? BB’s House

Why do you love her? Because I just love her

What does your mom like to cook? Sausage

What is her favorite song? Jesus Loves Me

What is her favorite animal? Monkey

I love hearing his answers to questions and could so see him saying some of these things!  I guess the sausage comes from my delicious breakfast casserole:)

I love these kiddos and appreciate Ms. Melinda taking the time to do these special projects with them!

May 001

This was one of the Wee School gifts.

I also received some great gifts from the family today, but most of all enjoyed spending the day with them.  Baxley and I went to church and then met up with everyone at Nonna’s for lunch. I love family time!

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