Sunday, May 6, 2012

Audra is a Beast


The kids and I spent the weekend in Sheridan.  There was a 5k Saturday morning and Audra convinced me to run with her.  I haven’t ran 3 miles since the last 5k I did, but I agreed to do it.  Well, Audra left us all in her dust!  She got 1st place female runner!  I was so proud of her!


I got third in my age group.


Audra convinced her brother Bryan to run with us too.  I told her this pic should go in the family photo album…you know since I am part of the family and all:)

While I was in Sheridan, Robert showed me how to post videos to my blog.  A few weeks ago Sam and I were in laying in bed reading a book and there was a picture of the American flag.  He made the comment that they had one in their classroom.  I asked him if they said the pledge and he rattled it off.  What else does he know???

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