Saturday, May 12, 2012

In their Glory

May 001

Sam’s class made plants at school.  According to his teacher he found some rice in the room and put it in his plant to help it grow!  It didn’t work, his farmer daddy tried to explain to him that the rice soaks up the water…he didn’t care he was so proud!  We are going to have to make a new plant:)

May 003

May 008

May 011

Thursday the babies both ended up with some kind of stomach bug.  At about 11:00 that night they both were standing up in their beds vomiting at the exact same time!!! Really????  I was glad E was home to help me and really glad Nonna was off Friday so she could keep them while I worked.  This little momma has been exhausted!  I went to bed early last night and rested today…we all feel much better!!!

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